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About to develop a website? Make sure that your site is:

  • validates to w3c html 5 standard
  • custom designed
  • responsive (mobile and tablet optimized)
  • accessible to people with disabilities
  • search engine optimized
  • speed optimized

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What is a quality website construction? a list of parameters to be addressed while building a site.
Ethical Code
We at Meyzam Group adhere to the following code of ethics for website development.

Building a Website - Quality Matters

A confused customer may wonder why he has to spend a significant amount of money on website construction, while the internet offers different ways of building your own private website for no money at all. We tell those undecided individuals that a quality website, developed by a professional website construction company is a thousand times more valuable than the website they can independently build with the assistance of a generic “website builder".

Sites created privately on the web often have a problematic unreliable “infrastructure”, which means they tend to be missing some very basic criteria, which may harm the success of those websites in the following ways:

  • Compatibility with all web browsers - If the site is not correctly displayed in browsers like Fire Fox, Chrome, Opera, etc, a significant amount of web surfers will not be able to view it correctly.
  • Future upgrade and changes in the design - Adding new functionality and capablilities and upgrading the design in well-built websites are performed easily, and do not require re-construction of the whole site.
  • SEO - An optimal construction of a site will result in a good chance of high ranking in Google, and other search engine.

A Professional Web Developer

If quality matters to you and you insist on optimal return on your investment, seek a professional website development company, that specializes not only in web design, but also in websites development. When you contact a construction company, be sure to request that your site will conform to the highest standards available. Here is a list of criteria that will determine the quality of your site:

  • W3C HTML5 standard - Many sites do not validate, and consequently generate dis-functionality when it comes to upgrading the site or scanning it by Google.
  • Search engine optimization - In order that the website will be optimal for search engines, it must include the following:
    • Clear hierarchy - Hierarchy built with an easy navigation for both Google and the users.
    • Semantic code - Code that is based on semantic HTML tags, such as h1, h2, description, keywords, alt attributes, etc.
    • Site map - Helps site navigation for both visitors and Google crawlers for faster new-page indexing.
  • DIV-based code - Using the old convention of table-based websites may lead to an over-sized code that slows the website pages' loading and hardens future changes in the design.
  • Separating design from code - During the process of website building, styling should be kept in an external CSS separately from the main HTML code.
  • Browser compatibility - The functionality of your site should be examined in all popular web browsers: Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome and Explorer.
  • Zoom compatibility - Try to operate the site in different zoom levels. A nonstandard website will have flaws in the display when zooming in or out.

Be sure to request from your site-development company that the website will be built according to the highest standards, so that it will serve your business for the long term and will reach the targets you have set for it. Website building should be performed by experts.

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