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We at Meyzam Group adhere to the following code of ethics for website development.

Your website may be well designed and visually very attractive, but as long as it is built on an unstable or weak infrastructure, it can cause you actual damage. Among the problems that may result from this situation are: incompatibility to the different web-browsers, including all their available versions, problems with the site's accessibility to people with disabilities, incompatibility to search engines, slow crawling by Googlebots, difficulties in upgrading the site's functionality, problems in changing its design, long loading times, etc.

We are committed to developing only websites of the highest quality, and thereby we adhere to the following set of rules for quality website development:

  • Site coding according to HTML 5 standard.
  • Validating to W3C standards.
  • Accessibility to disabilities via WCAG standard with AA level.
  • Conforming to the standards requested by search engines.
  • Speed optimization using Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow tools.
  • Complete compatibility to web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  • Writing only semantic code, utilizing the following tags (among others): h1, h2, description, keywords.
  • Coding with div tags, instead of table-based code and avoiding the use of style attributes in the code.
  • Securing the code and the server against session fixation, session hijacking, SQL injection, XSS, URL injection, DDoS, spam in forms and more.
  • Saving all data encoded with UTF8 which enables content in multiple languages.
  • Preferring live text rather than images where necessary and possible.
  • Avoiding unnecessary Flash elements, which are not scanned by search engines.
  • Using only licensed code, with the appropriate rights.

In addition, we will treat our customers with decency and integrity, will provide professional consultation as to the site's development and its promotion in search engines, and will meet the customer's schedule and goals, as far as we are concerned.

Remember: developing a website based on a weak or unstable infrastructure may cause troubles in the future. Only a site with a good basis will function well in all web browsers at all times, and will be easily upgraded and well ranked in search engines.

The ethical code was written and edited by David Cohen, CEO of Meyzam Group, under the supervision and guidance of the Company's legal adviser, attorney Oz Haim.

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